Personal Umbrella Insurance


Umbrella insurance puts everything you own under one policy. Like a protective umbrella, it provides liability coverage which comes into play after the limits have been reached on your standard homeowners or auto insurance policies. The harsh reality is that over the long term, many people are taken to court for a variety of reasons. Having this type of policy will protect your assets. Instead of having to worry about your financial future if the worst should happen, this policy will help to shield you from lawsuits.

Who is it for?

Many people who have large amounts of assets are typically drawn to buying an umbrella policy to protect themselves from lawsuits in the event that something happens. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and it’s deemed to be your fault, it’s possible you would be the object of a lawsuit. Having an umbrella policy would protect you in this case.

Types of Coverage

There are several forms of coverage that people can buy in this area. Speaking with an insurance professional is the best way to determine what coverage options will work best for your unique situation.


As you would imagine, there are many of benefits to buying an umbrella insurance policy. Over the long term, one of the biggest benefits is simply the peace of mind it brings. Anyone who has accumulated a lot of wealth in their life has done so through working hard and no one wants to have to worry about losing that wealth simply from a lawsuit. Protecting your and your family’s financial future with a good umbrella policy will provide significant peace of mind.