Commercial Auto Insurance

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Anyone who has ever built a business from the ground up knows just how quickly a single mishap can destroy all of their hard work. This is what makes business insurance so vital to the success of a company, but many owners don’t realize that they might have one glaring gap in their coverage. Commercial auto insurance will provide you and your employees with a safety net that will help you quickly move past common problems such as car accidents, medical bills, damaged property, theft, vandalism, and more.

When Personal Auto Insurance Isn’t Enough

Many business owners don’t have commercial auto policies simply because they are unsure if they even need one. This can become especially complicated when there are no cars or trucks under the company’s name. As a general rule, a commercial policy is required whenever a vehicle is used for business purposes. Even if you are working from home and drive your car to drop off some products with a client, your personal auto insurance will not be enough. If an accident does occur, any parties that are involved can come after your personal and business assets. A commercial auto policy will allow you to protect your assets from these threats.

Finding the Right Amount of Coverage

The biggest difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance is the amount of liability coverage that is required. Business owners and their employees need to be able to protect the company’s assets after an accident has taken place. This is why commercial policies have much higher coverage for both injuries and damaged property. This type of insurance will also provide financial assistance in the event that any work gear happens to be damaged, stolen or vandalized.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single type of vehicle that will need to be covered by a commercial policy. Anything that is used for business purposes on a public roadway will need to be added to the policy. This includes all trucks, sports utility vehicles, vans, limos, and any vehicles that have been outfitted with work equipment.”