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Students Failing Proficiency Tests in New Jersey

According to a recent round of testing from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, New Jersey high schoolers are passing standardized state tests but failing more difficult college preparedness tests at alarming rates. As many as 50% of students taking preparatory SAT tests in New Jersey are unable to show college readiness at a level recommended by the College Board.

In other words, our children are passing watered-down tests provided by state-run educational agencies, but are failing to meet the qualifications required to enter college.

Ambassadors for Educational Excellence

As dedicated regional Ambassadors for #AgentsofChange, the Ludwig Financial Group is committed to helping all the children in New Jersey achieve educational excellence. We are announcing a long term campaign to help provide educational resources to children from low income communities, to support programs aimed at encouraging children to stay in school, and to assist in offering scholastic supplies and healthy meals to children who cannot afford them.

This is a huge task, and we need your help to see it through.

A Proper Education for our Children

Rather than a donation, we’d like you to send in a friend, loved one, or co-worker to come and visit us here at the Ludwig Financial Group. We will gladly provide them with a complimentary consultation on insurance, and then we will issue a donation in YOUR name to a local initiative seeking to improve educational outcomes for children in your area.

Working Together for our Children’s Future

Our children deserve the best education possible, so let’s work together to make sure they receive it.


Marc Ludwig

Ludwig Financial Group

September 29, 2022

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