Our team at Ludwing Financial Group is very proud of our commitment to supporting the vulnerable. As #AgentsOfChange, we feel it is our responsibility to support incredible organizations that are dedicated to supporting those that need it most in the community.

A national nonprofit organization called Operation Warm produces brand-new, premium coats and shoes for kids in need. They collaborate with kindhearted people, nonprofit groups, and businesses all over North America to offer emotional warmth, the self-assurance to mingle and succeed, and hope for a better future by using the gift as a catalyst for community connection.

The mission of Operation Warm has always been to care for the entire child. Their slogan, “more than a coat,” refers to the fact that the clothing they provide not only keep recipients warm physically, but also give them hope for a better future. For the past 23 years, these gifts have served as a link between their partners and families in need of access to vital resources.

You can help, too! We will make a whopping $20 donation to Operation Warm on your behalf for every friend you recommend to us for an insurance quote. How many people do you know who’d like to help out kids in need AND save money on their insurance in the process?

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE