Supporting Children Through the Loss of a Loved One

We are embarking on a new campaign to help support The Alcove on their mission to empower children and families who are experiencing grief to fully realize their capacity to heal, grow, and lead more fulfilling lives. The Alcove is a wonderful local nonprofit organization that has made it their mission to help children that are grieving from the passing of a parent, sibling, or caregiver by providing a safe, empowering space to deal with the bereavement process. founded by Pat Smith and Mindy Shemtov, who saw a need to create a safe space that allowed children to gather in a caring community in which they felt they could properly process their grief. With the help of their tremendous staff, children are taught healthy ways to process their grief with the added benefit of having peers that are able to relate to one another.

With the help of their dedicated staff and loving supporters, they are able to offer their unique programs year-round to children and families living with grief. “We want to make sure these families have all the resources they may need to honor their loved one’s memories on their next chapter,” said Agency Owner Marc Ludwig